DS Group - A company of The Social Chain AG

Flexible. Innovative. On an equal footing.

“Can you?” Sure we can!
Think in solutions.
Be creative. Stay put.

We do it.

For retailers

We can act quickly
and have a broad range.

We take our partners to the implementation phase: whether private brand or new development, introductory price or high-end article, tried product or innovation with that certain something. We do it! Reliably, with guaranteed marketability and quality – in the shortest possible time.

For the people

We bring trends to your home at the best price.

With DS Group, the latest trends become immediately available, at an attractive price and with guaranteed quality. Moreover: We enhance well-known helpers with new features, such as our magnetic mosquito nets. We bring our products into the stores to be touched and experienced or send them directly to people’s homes with next-day delivery.

Ein Mitarbeiter der DS Unternehmensgruppe arbeitet am Schreibtisch.

Courage and an eye for trends.

With our proven DS system for research, optimization, evaluation, and implementation, we take on about 500 new products every year. We recognize trends and bring them into the stores.

Eine Mitarbeiterin der DS Unternehmensgruppe vor dem Productlab.

Innovations to the stores in the shortest possible time.

This is how, within just a few months, an idea can turn into a tangible and marketable product that is broadly placed in retail stores and also known in social commerce.

Zwei Mitarbeiter der DS Unternehmensgruppe arbeiten an einem Produkt.

Reviewed by in-house and third party experts.

We attach great importance to quality, at the best value for money. From our workshop to the testing kitchen – our in-house and third party experts try, improve, and have certified.

We invest in innovations and problem solvers

We love our partners from the show: from the 18-year-old student to the
79-year-old pensioner

DS Startups

Our partner Ralf Dümmel has been an investor on the German startup TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen” since 2016

Previously, we were a “hidden champion”. Now up to three million people get to know us better every Monday the show is broadcast. Ever since its third season began, there has not been a single show (alright, except for one) in which Ralf Dümmel did not make a deal.

What matters to us is that we place our founders on an equal footing – whether newbie or inventor of a whole product line. We foster entrepreneurship and innovative spirit, this goes for both DS Group and Social Chain AG – the house of entrepreneurs.


We love products that move people

“DS is Mac Gyver, Gyro Gearloose, and the German car inspection service opening up a store with Ralf Dümmel.”

This probably refers to our “product round” – our notorious meeting held every Friday in which everyone with a good idea is invited to outdo the others with his or her latest product concepts: sales, import, product management, marketing, legal issues, quality, and more. Ever since our merger with Social Chain AG, our communities have also provided us with trends and numerous product ideas.

We are passionate about our job