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Hamburg/Stapelfeld, 27 September 2021. It’s time for a barbecue: A new era is beginning for the brand LANDMANN! After only nine months under the umbrella of DS Group, Germany's oldest barbecue manufacturer is now able to present a real innovation: the 3-in-1 gas barbecue cart LANDMANN GG-II-492 for grilling, cooking, and deep frying!


  • LANDMANN is finally presenting new innovations: From 2022 onwards, the new LANDMANN GG-II-492 will enable barbecue fans to grill, cook, and deep fry at the same time
  • In December 2020, the oldest German barbecue manufacturer became part of the DS group of companies, with TV investor Ralf Dümmel at its helm
  • LANDMANN is now presenting the first of many innovations under the new flag
  • Quality time without compromises – from now on, you won’t need anything but this all-rounder

"With the acquisition of LANDMANN, we made a promise at the end of 2020: We want to lead the traditional brand to new triumphs, sharpen its profile, and expand its portfolio with the right instinct for trends and innovations. This is how we are fulfilling this promise! Our product novelty is the first of many exciting innovations to come!"

Ralf Dümmel,
Managing Director of DS


Home is where your barbecue is

Every day is barbecue day: Because a barbecue does not need a special occasion – it is always something special. Having a barbecue brings people together, experience quality time, and share an outdoor experience. Everyone shall participate: This is why LANDMANN, as a strong and reliable brand, stands for a product range that has the perfect offer for any taste and situation in life.

The rest is salad

From now on, wok vegetables, soups, or French fries will also come directly from the barbecue! No one will ever need anything but this all-rounder: The LANDMANN GG-II-492 is a 3-in-1 gas barbecue cart with clever features. Thanks to its built-in electric hot air fryer with digital LED touch display, barbecue fans can grill, cook, and deep fry at the same time. This turns your barbecue into an absolute pleasure for everyone – whether they prefer a perfect steak, a veggie dish, fried fish, crispy fries, or chicken nuggets!

"At a barbecue event with your family or circle of friends, everyone wants to sit together in the garden and enjoy the time spent together. It is a pity if someone constantly has to go inside for the side dishes, e. g., to operate the stove or to fetch the fryer from the basement. Our new gas barbecue cart now integrates everything that usually takes place in the kitchen. As a result, having a barbecue essentially remains an outdoor experience, and nobody misses out!"

Florian Lübcke,
Managing Director

Product highlights at a glance:

  • This is how to have a barbecue nowadays – with the LANDMANN GG-II-492, our modern gas barbecue cart with its 3-in-1 functionality for grilling, cooking, and deep frying at the same time
  • For the large group - suitable for more than six people thanks to four burners
  • More space for what matters: This combined solution makes any additional space in the kitchen unnecessary
  • Simultaneously prepare side dishes at the barbecue – thanks to its spacious grill surface and integrated hot air fryer
  • The grill surface features a porcelain-enameled cast iron grate that can be practically expanded in many ways, thanks to LANDMANN’s grate system Modulus.
  • Its clever, electronic hot air fryer with modern LED touch display is firmly installed in the base unit and therefore does not take up unnecessary space on the grill surface
  • The hot air fryer has a capacity of three liters – for a large portion of delicious side dishes
  • The gas barbecue cart runs on gas, the built-in hot air fryer runs on electricity
  • The LANDMANN GG-II-492 will be available in the stores in the first half of 2022

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For our retail partners:
All-rounders and innovations for LANDMANN customers!

The modern gas barbecue cart LANDMANN GG-II-492 with its integrated hot air fryer will be the first product novelty we bring to the stores in 2022. Grilling, cooking, and deep frying can now be done at the same time – turning your barbecue into an all-round pleasure without compromises! Moreover, barbecue fans can look forward to many other novelties from LANDMANN.

"At DS Group, we are specialized on identifying trends and enhancing the product that customers currently need with additional benefits and innovative features. Since LANDMANN became part of our group, we have been intensively engaged on the exciting and versatile barbecue market. We are in close contact with our retail partners and exchange information on trends, product requirements, and customer needs. As a result, we are constantly working on new ideas – day after day, we wish to inspire, optimize, and convince."

Lars Stegelmann,
Managing Director

We look forward to:

  • A practical magnet system to easily attach accessories, such as a bottle or kitchen roll holder, to the barbecue
  • An extension for our proven Modulus grate system, providing even more flexibility when grilling
  • A waffle iron and a cast-iron pan to complement the barbecue

Retail partners can already order our products for the 2022 barbecue season!

About LANDMANN Germany

LANDMANN is the oldest barbecue manufacturer in Germany. In December 2020, the popular brand became part of DS Group. The group’s innovative strength in the marketing, import, sales, and other areas enables LANDMANN to demonstrate its core competence once again: innovative high-quality products at a fair price for any type of barbecue! By the way: DS Group currently invests more than three million euros in its new logistics center in Gallin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The objective is clear – LANDMANN wants to build up its development activities in Germany and offer product ideas "Made in Germany".

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