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Hot, big, safe, and fast: the new electric barbecue cart EG-II-590 from LANDMANN
  • Hot: Best barbecue flavors thanks to temperatures of over 300°C
  • Big: This barbecue cart feeds your whole family and party
  • Safe: Powered by electricity, it can be connected to any standard 220V socket
  • Fast: Immediately ready, quickly heated up
  • Uncomplicated: Easy to use, easy to clean, and always ready to use
  • Convenient: The LANDMANN Magnetic BBQ SERIES as a perfect complement

Hamburg/Stapelfeld, 3 February 2022. And... Fire!! For the next innovation from the “Home of Fire” LANDMANN: From now on, the new electric barbecue cart EG-II-590 will be firing up the barbecue market – to over 300°C. For a genuine BBQ feeling, simple, fast, and safe: whether aromatic meat, crisp vegetables, or juicy and tender fish. Plus: Its two meat thermometers and core temperature indicator enable anyone to prepare a perfect steak!

In December 2020, the oldest German barbecue manufacturer LANDMANN became part of the DS group of companies, which merged with The Social Chain AG in 2021. LANDMANN is now expanding its portfolio to introduce another innovation, in addition to the gas barbecue GG-II-492 (Fryton) with integrated hot air fryer: the electric barbecue cart EG-II-590 – the second of many novelties that all barbecue fans can look forward to in 2022!

"With LANDMANN, we wish to create product worlds that offer a perfect solution for any taste and life situation. This includes classic barbecues as well as innovative barbecue concepts. With the EG-II-590, we take electric grilling to the next level: It produces temperatures so hot that your meat will taste as if it was grilled on fire – and it is big enough to feed your whole family or a big party."

Florian Lübcke, Managing Director at LANDMANN Germany

"Together, we are heating up the barbecue scene!
2022 will be a big year for LANDMANN, as we multiply our competences and link the social media power of The Social Chain AG to the product and sales know-how of DS Group. We are the “Home of Fire”!”

Dr. Georg Kofler, Chairman of The Social of Chain AG’s Supervisory Board, and Ralf Dümmel, Managing Director of DS Group and Product Director of The Social Chain AG

A barbecue is always an option!

Spontaneously or planned: From now on, you will be able to have a barbecue at any time – fast, easy, and without compromises. Plug it in, heat it up, grill, and enjoy. The new, powerful LANDMANN EG-II-590 makes it possible: It reaches temperatures of up to unbeatable 300°C, thus catering for the best barbecue flavors. Thanks to its large grill surface, it feeds every party guest as well as your whole family; moreover, it is easy and safe to use – with two meat thermometers, a core temperature display, and a clever, space-saving design.

Our new electric barbecue cart EG-II-590 is
  • For your whole family or a big party: two durable enameled cast-iron grates offer a total grill surface of approx. 59 x 40.5 cm
  • Extra warming grate made of enameled steel
  • Practical and space-saving – thanks to its folding side tables and cabinet for depositing and storing accessories
  • Unbeatable 300°C for top barbecue flavors, adjustable in steps of 50°C
  • Power: 3200 Watts
  • Including two meat thermometers and a core temperature indicator on its display near the grill surface – for a perfect steak, at any time
  • Two separate heating elements that are individually adjustable
  • Whenever you feel like a barbecue: Plug it in, quickly heat it up, and start immediately
  • Always available, no need to buy coal or gas bottles
  • Powered by electricity, it can be connected to any standard 220V socket
  • Doors made of powder-coated steel
  • Lid thermometer to control the temperature in the grill chamber
  • Four lockable casters
  • Easy to regulate the perfect grill temperature
  • High-quality design with stainless steel panels, handles, lid, and housing
  • Easy to clean thanks to removable heating elements

The new LANDMANN website is online!


With a handy barbecue finder, delicious recipes, and an online shop full of evergreens and hot novelties – our new website introduces you to the diverse world of BBQ. Whether summer barbecue fan, any-time barbecue fan, or barbecue newcomer – anyone will find what he or she is looking for!
Another absolute novelty: The LANDMANN Magnetic BBQ SERIES

Our new universal LANDMANN Magnetic BBQ SERIES enhances any barbecue! Thanks to its extremely strong magnetic system with a high bearing capacity, practical barbecue accessories can now be attached to the barbecue quickly, easily, and securely. It is made of easy-care, high-quality stainless steel and is suitable for any common stainless steel barbecue – allowing absolutely everyone to pimp up their barbecue!

The following accessories from the LANDMANN Magnetic BBQ SERIES are already available:

  • Practical 0.5 l bottle holder
  • Bottle opener
  • Holder for sauces, spices, tongs & Co.
  • Two-part kitchen roller holder with a bearing capacity of up to 500 g, can also be used as hooks

For retailers:
Looking for innovation? Just like us!

The new electric barbecue cart from LANDMANN takes electric grilling to the next level. With this innovation, retailers appeal to all barbecue fans who wish to grill safely and quickly with electricity and still get the genuine BBQ sensation.

"Our new electric barbecue cart is large, robust, and reaches particularly high temperatures. It looks like a gas barbecue cart and provides for a genuine barbecue experience – without compromise and with the best flavors. Moreover, it is ready to use any time, without a gas cylinder or coal, simply powered by electricity from any common 220V socket at your home. We are setting a new trend with this barbecue – and are already receiving tremendous feedback from the stores."

Lars Stegelmann,
Managing Director at LANDMANN

In addition, retailers and barbecue fans can look forward to other exciting novelties from LANDMANN: The gas barbecue GG-II-492 (Fryton) with its integrated hot air fryer that combines cooking, grilling, and deep frying in a single appliance. The LANDMANN Magnetic BBQ Series to upgrade any stainless steel barbecue with practical, magnetic accessories. These and other innovations will make the hearts of barbecue fans beat higher this year!

Retailers can already pre-order our products for the 2022 barbecue season!

About LANDMANN Germany

LANDMANN is the oldest barbecue manufacturer in Germany. Its innovative strength in the marketing, import, sales, and other areas enables LANDMANN to demonstrate its core competence: innovative high-quality products at a fair price for any type of barbecue! By the way: LANDMANN currently invests more than three million euros in its new logistics center in Gallin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The objective is clear – LANDMANN wants to build up its development activities in Germany.

LANDMANN is a trademark of the Social Chain AG.

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