DS Group - A company of The Social Chain AG


We manage the

From IT to office and fleet management to controlling and accounting – we keep things going.

Information technology

"We recognize problems before they arise”

Agile and flexible working is part of our DNA. Our IT department ensures that the respective processes run smoothly and allow us to work swiftly and efficiently. The team maintains our ERP system and keeps the entire technological equipment of DS Group up to date.

  • We see to it that all departments can work in an undisturbed and safe environment

  • We automate and digitize

  • We make DS Group fit for the future

Financial accounting

“We have an eye on the numbers

Having control over our finances is a precondition for our products’ performance – this is attained by our colleagues in the accounting department.

  • We manage the finances of the entire DS Group – in a reliable and centralized manner

  • Our work is modern and digital

  • We have an eye on legislative amendments and put them into practice immediately


“We plan, regulate, control, and inform

More than 4,000 products, more than two million packages shipped per year, numerous brands, and constant growth – there are many impressive numbers to our group, and our controlling has them under control.

  • We compile regular reports…

  • …allowing DS Group to take data-based decisions

  • We reveal how different parts of our range and distribution channels perform

Gebäude- und Fuhrparkmanagement

"We are the ‘jacks of all trades’ and we love it”

Regardless of the task that is due next, our facility management team always has someone ready and waiting for it. Two of our colleagues even have an official sign reading “jack of all trades” on their office doors. The team also takes on special projects – such as coordinating transport routes for medical masks and rapid tests during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sea and air freight are also of top priority to this department.

  • Our everyday life is diverse: from the procurement of samples, rapid tests, and masks to the planning of company events

  • We manage over 6,154 square meters of office space…

  • …and a fleet of more than 30 company vehicles

Human resources

“We are the Feel Good Managers

Our group is constantly growing – as is our team. Over the last five years, we took on around 150 new employees. Our human resources department is in charge of the application and onboarding process and ensures that new and existing team members feel at home with us.

  • We hire employees and manage the application process

  • We organize trainings and further education for all our employees

  • We have a sympathetic ear to any question from our teams

Process management

"We provide for agile and digital processes

We are fast and flexible – so our internal processes must be as well. This is achieved by our process managers. They enable our group to be digital and at the pulse of time.

  • We organize agile processes

  • We manage the introduction of new systems for all employees

  • We support data protection and digitization

Office Management

“We say: Hello and welcome to DS Group”

On a visit to our site in Stapelfeld, you will first be greeted by our office management team at the reception. Moreover, the team warrants that there is always enough food in the conference rooms. Whether travel arrangements, new office supplies, or couriers – all of this is taken care of by our office management team.

  • We are the first to welcome our guests

  • We arrange the conference rooms and provide for catering

  • We take care of travel bookings, office supplies, and couriers


“We provide for happy and satisfied employees”

From curry sausage to falafel: Our canteens offer a daily changing menu of freshly prepared dishes – thanks to the great teams at our head office in Stapelfeld and our warehouse in Gallin!

  • We offer daily changing menus with a large variety

  • Ordering and payment are simple, with a personal transponder and a QR code

  • Needless to say, we also offer vegetarian dishes

From the brainwave to the shelves

Services of DS Group

Many companies,
one group, one goal

From the idea to the product’s development to the time it is on the shelves, available online, or directly brought to people’s homes with next-day delivery – we take care of it. We act as a partner across all distribution channels. Some call it “services,” some call it “competence center.” We say: “That's what we call teamwork!”