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Happy customers –
just in time

Deliveries to the warehouse, orders, credit notes, return shipments – we take care of anything related to delivering tactile goods.



“We make things possible

The product is finished – now the baton is passed to our in-house logistics center in the German town of Gallin. Nothing works without this team. Every single product passes through the hands of our energetic employees in the warehouse. They unpack, pack, and get things going – with calm and efficiency.

  • Every order passes through our hands

  • We supply more than 40,000 retail stores from Gallin

  • And our direct customers at home – with next-day delivery

Control center

No order leaves this place without us

The control center is one of the key locations at our Gallin site. This is where each order becomes ready for shipment. Upon request, we tag products with customized labels for retailers or attach campaign stickers – such details are also part of our job.

  • We plan and organize the shipment of all orders

  • We have an eye for detail and also attend to individual customer requests

  • Our motto: Ordered today, delivered tomorrow!

Return shipments

“We are close at hand in case something is wrong”

Our diligent and energetic returns team views, classifies, and manages all goods that are returned to us for a variety of reasons. Exceedingly few items really need to be disposed of – we thus act in a sustainable manner and save resources.

  • We coordinate the repair of returned goods

  • We have goods reprocessed

  • We find creative ways to keep from wasting things or throwing them away

Freight dispatching

"We make sure the right goods arrive on time

When our working day begins at five o'clock in the morning, there are often up to five trucks standing on our courtyard already, waiting to deliver their "fresh" goods from overseas. No problem – thanks to our freight dispatchers, everything is perfectly prepared for our incoming goods.

  • We keep track of all incoming and outgoing goods

  • We collect data and keep the big picture in mind

  • We hand over our goods to our freight forwarding companies, enabling them to arrive at our customers’ homes just in time and as requested

Warehouse management

“We ensure smooth operations in the warehouse”

The day-to-day business of our warehouse management team mainly consists of cleverly compiling numerous pallets. After all, thousands of packages leave our warehouse every day. These complex logistics processes need sound preparation and organization.

  • We maintain master data, digitally and secure

  • We organize and compile numerous pallets of goods every day

  • We provide catering for our warehouse staff

From the brainwave to the shelves

Services of DS Group

Many companies,
one group, one goal

From the idea to the product’s development to the time it is on the shelves, available online, or directly brought to people’s homes with next-day delivery – we take care of it. We act as a partner across all distribution channels. Some call it “services,” some call it “competence center.” We say: “That's what we call teamwork!”