DS Group - A company of The Social Chain AG

Product Services

New, protected, with high turnover

From trend scouting to production, import, legal protection, quality labels, and marketability to manuals and quality assurance – we turn a thought into a tangible problem solver!


Product development

"We are trend scouts".

Our product scouts have an eye for trends: They observe the market, source trends, and discover novelties at trade fairs all over the world. With more than 700 active brands, registered designs, patents, and product samples, hundreds of new products come into being every year.

  • From zeitgeist to product idea: We have the right product for any problem

  • We know what people need

  • We are mindful of every detail

Product management

"We turn an idea into a tangible product"

Our approximately 4,000 products are supported by our product management team. The team analyzes the market, knows what is particularly well received, and optimizes products accordingly. For even a successful product will change over the course of its life cycle. Our product managers ensure that this process takes an ideal course.

  • We treat each product as if it was our own

  • We improve products to their maturation and beyond

  • This is where everything comes together

Quality management

"We are the internal inspection service

Our quality management ensures that our products deliver on their promise. While our international team in the Far East scrutinizes our production facilities on-site, our colleagues in northern Germany run checks in their testing kitchens and workshops as well as with external laboratories.

  • Our motto: Zero tolerance for poor quality

  • We work like detectives

  • We take care of authorization and certification, conformity with directives, labeling requirements, and more

Legal department

"We cover your back.
You can rely on our advice!"

Whether brand, patent, or usage – our legal department is mindful of every detail and provides advice and support to our other departments. The team protects our entire group of companies and also advises our partners from the startup TV show – reliably and on an equal footing.

  • We take care of technical property rights, trademark and patent applications

  • We take precautionary measures to help our products perform

  • You can rely on our advice

Import / Purchasing

"We are the shopping kings and queens"

Our import team coordinates all our foreign goods to be delivered on time. We rely on international cooperation, quality, and speed. Our range of products expands almost on a daily basis – it often only takes a few months from the time an idea is developed to the time it is distributed to the stores.

  • We identify the best of all suppliers

  • We organize transport by ship, train, airplane, and truck

  • We are perfectionists and make sure that everything will eventually arrive "just in time”

Technical editing

"We ensure safe usage”

No product is safe without reliable operating instructions. When producing such manuals, exact specifications and numerous details must be complied with. Our technical editors take care of this, ensuring that end customers can use a product without complications or delay.

  • We produce manuals for all products

  • We are mindful of every detail and put our customers’ safety first

  • We work to ensure that each product is immediately understood

From the brainwave to the shelves

Services of DS Group

Many companies,
one group, one goal

From the idea to the product’s development to the time it is on the shelves, available online, or directly brought to people’s homes with next-day delivery – we take care of it. We act as a partner across all distribution channels. Some call it “services,” some call it “competence center.” We say: “That's what we call teamwork!”